Research Interests

How do we improve the treatment of cancer?

t11-a3-wideB cells – How do B cells promote favorable prognosis? How might B cells promote anti-tumor immunity? How can we leverage B cells therapeutically?

Antibodies – What are the targets of antibodies in cancer? What are the roles of antibody? How does antibody diversity shape tumor progression and patient outcome?

CD4+ T cells – What is the role of CD4+ T cells in anti-tumor immunity? How do CD4 T cells control B cell activity and vice versa? How can we improve their activity?

Immune Evasion – How do tumor cells interact with the immune system? How does this influence tumor evolution and progression?

Tumor Heterogeneity – What are the mechanisms that underpin the cellular composition of tumors? How does tumor heterogeneity impact the composition of immune cell infiltration and function?

Metastasis – What is the role of the immune system in the various steps of metastatic progression? How does the immune system interact with disseminated tumor cells?

Models – What models are needed for cancer studies?